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 various int. ext. and lighting for sale. TSX Retrofit too!

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Number of posts : 15
Age : 31
Location : san diego
Car Year/Make/Model : 1993 300zx NA 5 speed
Registration date : 2010-02-20

PostSubject: various int. ext. and lighting for sale. TSX Retrofit too!   Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:07 pm

All parts are OBO and include shipping to the US. International buyers send me your zip code or equivalent for an estimate. Pics can be presented upon request.

Charcoal T-Top shades in Mint condition. - $65

OEM Halogen projectors - $80

Unknown brand 35w HID Ballasts. used on my elantra until sold. both worked when parted out. Cannot guarantee itíll work. Make offer.

9006 Halogen Bulbs pulled for HID kit, both worked when last used. $15

OEM 300zx Fog Lights and bulbs (h3). 9/10 condition. $35 ($45 with buckets/mounts)

OEM stock airbox and panel filters for 300zx. $40

Aftermarket ceramic brake pads for Infinity J30 from QS Ceramic. PLENTY of pad material left. front pads only $40

I have 5 sets of J30 Throttle Spring covers for sale. un painted for now.

I Have two TPS that test within spec. $20

NA 5speed ECU $60

And, as posted by Patrick (BreakoutProductionz)

I have finalized the true HID Projector Retrofit on the headlights of the Z32, and I am looking to make and sell these to the Z32 community. I did, and will be doing, all the work on my own, by hand over the course of 1-2 days. I have a "prototype" set on my Z right now that i've been running for about a month now here in San Diego with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

My reason for doing this is because i am a huge perfectionist when it comes to the exterior lighting of my car, and the visibility given off by that lighting. i had these projectors on my Hyundai Elantra for about a year, and LOVED it. I know there are some out there who are on the quest for that sharper cut off, higher visibility, and true HID look of the 99Spec headlights, but cant fork over $1600 for a pair.

I accidentally deleted pics of my "in progress" of this project, and only have the finished pics. I can explain how this was done though. First, i opened the headlights, and removed the stock halogen set up. The TSX Projector housing then was bolted to the stock black frame that the halogen bowl was screwed to. this allowed for a very stable mounting and full function of the stock adjusment screws. there was some cutting of the plastic insert and the chrome metal ring around the low beam lens, but from outside, it looks 100% bone stock. only thing left to do is to seal it, since the removal of the halogen bowl and change to D2R bulb leaves the back of the housing open. I have not had ANY moisture issues in almost a dozen car washes and a straight week of rain, but not everyone lives in sunny san diego. A friction-fit PVC pipe end-cap with rubber o-ring will be used to seal it up.

expect a one week turn around on these (2 days to build, and 3-5 days to road test/aim), meaning if you give me an order on a monday, i'll have it shipped via UPS NO LATER THAN the following Monday, with a tracking number.

First person to order will have theirs featured in a full detail DIY article, and may take up to two weeks as i will need to order an initial set of headlights and a few sets of projectors to keep this going.

Pricing will be as follows, and a bit higher than i initially estimated since it is a little harder and more expensive to get a hold of these parts than it was even a year ago.

$775 shipped, including DDM tuning HID kit with your choice of bulb temp, and headlights in a complete plug-and-play format.

$745 If you already have an HID Set Up (will send D2R bulbs, appropriote for the Retro, in your choice of color)

$725 (w/HID) or $695 (with bulbs only) for those that i can meet up within a 2hr drive of my zip. (if we meet up, i will also the the replacememt)

KEEP IN MIND! If you have PRE-1999 JDM Lenses (nipp-less glass) you will either need to send me yours and do without them for about 2 weeks (shipping time), or settle for getting a USDM pair (you could just switch the glass, but will lose the high/low independant aiming ability). EXPRESS SHIPPING IS EXTRA!

Core Return of $150 if I receive a USABLE pair of headlights (USABLE means ONLY MINOR visual imperfections to the HOUSING ONLY! no cracked glass, reflector bowls, black inserts or low beam lenses! no ripped, torn weather stripping and no cracked brackets and NO MISSING NIPPLES!!! low beam bulbs and OEM halogen projectors will NOT be returned unless specified.)

Paint Option for extra $5: I can paint your USDM, or if you have them, reproduction 99spec plastic inserts black, as mine are. will do black ONLY as i can not guarantee exact color matches to OEM or custom paint jobs. make a special note if you want the chrome INSIDE the low beam ring painted as well (mine are not).

Like i said, look stock from outside:

Cut off BEFORE the USDM rippled glass was applied:
(Bad Cell Phone Pic)

After the rippled glass was applied

Example of output on a pitch black unlit rural road by my house:
(Another bad cell phone pic)

and cutoff from the side:

Side by side with a plug and play HID kit in stock headlights:

Left: TSX Projector with (used, no-name brand) 4300k HID------------------Right: stock with 6000k plug-and-play HID
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Number of posts : 15
Age : 31
Location : san diego
Car Year/Make/Model : 1993 300zx NA 5 speed
Registration date : 2010-02-20

PostSubject: Re: various int. ext. and lighting for sale. TSX Retrofit too!   Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:52 am

Bump and update on retrofits!!
Price lowered by $100 since i found some cheaper suppliers.
I finally found a way to get a better-than-factory seal around the D2S plug, so everything is 100% plug and play, and there should be no worries of oisture, unless the high bea seal leaks... i a not F-ing with that one.
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various int. ext. and lighting for sale. TSX Retrofit too!
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